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Motocross Track Rider and Spectator Safety

Motocross Track Rider and Spectator Safety

Introduction The sport of motocross is a beautiful blend of human sport mixed with 2-wheeled machines and natural beauty. Outdoor motocross, unlike stadium motocross or arena cross, is staged on natural terrain usually featuring uphills, downhills, jumps, bumps and of course turns—lots of turns in the dirt. Motocross races proceed in any weather. The race […]

Conspicuity of Motorcycles

A Motorcyclist’s Ability to See… and Be Seen – Decreases Chance of Accidents Introduction According to many countries’ accident data, between half to three quarters of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. There are various names for these types of motorcycle-involved accidents, but invariably they result from either one or both parties not seeing the other […]

the mentor gap

The Mentor Gap

Big Brothers (And Sisters) Needed For Ridership Movement! Generalization: The more skilled a rider you are, the more “moto-snobbery” keeps you from stooping down to help new riders to elevate their game by improving their skills and experience. Experienced riders and racers by nature don’t have patience for back markers — they want to go […]

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