Court Qualified Motorcycle Forensics Expert

Over 40 Years Powersports Industry Experience

motorcycle forensics expert
Red Street Motorcycle

Motorcycle Forensics Expert

  • Street and off-road racing since age 12
  • National Motocross Champion Kenya East Africa 1977-78
  • Trans-Africa, Europe, N. America ride in 1979
  • SCORE Baja 250 / 500 / 1000 racing 1982 - 90

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Additional Experience

  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider Coach/Instructor 1980s (expired)
  • Vintage motocross racer
  • ADV rider, camping, navigation on West Coast
  • Extraction experience of injured riders from off-grid locations in Baja & Death Valley
All Terrain Vehicles

ATV & UTV Expertise

  • Specialty Vehicle Industry Association (SVIA) Media Relations 1983-1986
  • ATV Safety Institute (ASI) conception in 1980s
  • Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) Driver Coach certified 2018 (current)

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Additional Experience

  • Raced Polaris UTVs in Baja 500/1000 with several 1st and 2nd place wins
  • Assisted Team Polaris with pre-running, navigation and mechanical assistance in off-road races
Red Off Road Jeep

4x4 Off-Road Expertise

  • Atlantic British Parts, specialist for Series II and III Land Rovers 1970s-2020
  • Explored entire Baja Peninsula and California off-road areas in Land Rovers 1960s-2000s
  • 4x4 experience in Kenya, East Africa on over 20 safaris

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Additional Services

  • Licensed private pilot in East Africa with over 200 hours of “bush flying”
  • Three years of Trans-Africa travel by motorcycle and 4x4 Land Rovers
  • Co-driver/navigator for Team Daihatsu in East African Safari Rally 1977-78
  • Co-driver/navigator for Baja Concepts Porsche in Baja 500/1000
  • Driver and winner of first UTV to finish a SCORE Baja race (250) in 2007 Team Polaris
  • Co-driver, mechanic, and navigator for Factory Polaris Jagged X Racing Team
  • Marketing Director and Media Relations for ROXOR Off-Road (.com) in 2018-2020

What Is An Expert Witness?

Expert Witness
(noun) a person who is permitted to testify at a trial because of special knowledge or proficiency in a particular field that is relevant to the case.

In common law countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, an expert witness is a person who is accepted by the judge as an expert by virtue of experience, training, education, certification, and/or skills.

expert witness
motorcycle forensics expert

Motorcycle & Off Road Forensics

Eric has spent his entire career developing and advocating motorcycle, ATV, UTV and off-road safety. He has spent over 40 years advocating responsible riding and driving behaviors in the powersports industry. Eric has been a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) employee Rider Coach as well as more recently a certified Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association (ROHVA) Driver Coach. Since the 1980s, Eric has worked in the industry specializing as a motorcycle forensics expert in protective apparel while simultaneously being elected to the MIC’s Board of Directors for 20 years.

He has worked at the highest levels of the motorcycle and powersports industries with respect to issues pertaining to safe motorcycling by the rider. He has also worked on all aspects of motorcycle helmet construction, manufacturing, compliance and certification. Mr. Eric  also founded his own motorcycle helmet and protective apparel company known as Scorpion Sports known for its extensive line of ScorpionExo brand of products.

Motorcycle forensics expert with expertise in best practices for street use of motorcycles, motorcycle racing, motocross racing, trail riding, adventure motorcycling and enduro riding. Eric has significant experience in the areas of 4-wheel driving in off-road conditions using UTVs, Jeeps, rock crawlers and specialty machines.

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