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Improving Motorcyclist Safety through Hearing in All Directions

Survey Results Concerning Protective Helmet with Earpieces Background. Over 200,000 motorcyclists are killed annually on global roads. A wide range of motorcyclists, other drivers, and environmental factors contribute to motorcycle crashes, but one factor that is poorly understood is the role of motorcyclists’ ability to hear traffic and other sounds around them in all directions. […]

Smart Helmets – Have the Manufacturers Outsmarted Themselves?

As a former motorcycle helmet importer, marketer, developer, start-up manufacturer and co-founding dealer-direct distributor, I can consider myself something of an official helmet geek. My past includes being an expert witness in helmet cases and being the Chair for the MIC Helmet Subcommittee when it was active. I even include the 1980s helmet public service […]

Conspicuity of Motorcyclists

A Motorcyclist’s Ability to See…and Be Seen Decreases Chance of Accidents Introduction According to many countries’ accident data, between half to three quarters of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle. There are various names for these types of motorcycle-involved accidents, but invariably they result from either one or both parties not seeing the other in time […]

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